I am a computer science Master’s student at USC studying Multimedia and Creative Technologies. I am currently researching Agroecosystem Simulations with Professor Barath Raghavan. I graduated from Princeton in 2021 with a major in Computer Science and a Minor in Musical Theater. I wrote my senior thesis at Princeton on modeling bioluminescent bacteria in ocean waves in Houdini, advised by Professor Theodore Kim and Professor Adam Finkelstein. This past summer I worked as Center Director for the Westward branch of Code Wiz, a teaching program that helps kids learn to code through classes and camps in Python, Java, Minecraft and FLL. I am pursuing a career in 3D animation and my favorite movie is Luca.


CG Art Intern, Soul Machines           

May. 2022 – Aug. 2022

I Helped to transition of 43 different digital human phenotypes to a new rendering pipeline. I also encoded Soul Machines models and data into Pixar’s USD scene files for universal usage. In conjunction with that, I explored different commercially available physically based shaders in Maya, Unity and Unreal, to transition from a proprietary software.

Research Assistant, University of Southern California            

Sept. 2021 – May 2022

I work with a small team of researchers to create a graphical representation of polyculture agroecosystems. We use computer graphics to compute optimal plant configuration given light and canopy conditions, which will ultimately be transferred to real world agricultural data to make more efficient and eco friendly farms.

Center Director, Code Wiz Westford 

May 2021 – Aug. 2021 

I handled class and camp registration for over 300 new and returning students and I supervised in-person kids at camp from 9-5, acting as both an administrator and a teacher. I also handled safe pickup and drop off of the kids, following COVID safe protocols

Teaching Assistant, Computer Science Dept. Princeton University         

Sept. 2020 – May 2021

I gave instruction on course material for 3 CS courses: Algorithms and Data Structures, Intro to Programming Systems and CS: An Interdisciplinary Approach. I also helped students understand assignments and assisted in debugging. In addition, I graded assignments of over 100 students in Computer Science courses at Princeton each week and Checked the work of around 8 other graders weekly to ensure fair and consistent grading.   

AWS Cloud Intern, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

June 2020 – Aug. 2020

I transferred 120 TB of climate data to the cloud and set up cloud computing through JupyterHub and ran analysis scripts on the cloud data. I also granted access to the data across Amazon AWS accounts to GFDL and ESGF administrators and worked in collaboration with the NOAA, ESGF and GFDL through CIMES.

Grading Supervisor, Computer Science Dept. Princeton University     

Jan. 2019 – May 2021

I grade assignments of over 200 students in Computer Science courses at Princeton University each week and standardize and supervise other graders work to ensure uniform and fair grading. I also answer questions from students regarding assignment grades.

Counselor, Greenwood Music Camp, Cummington, MA.

Aug. 2018 – Aug 2019

I coach and play violin and viola with over 60 musicians aged 10 – 18. I live with and take care of the kids for seven weeks in the summer so I also keep the children’s prescriptions and medicines and make sure they take them each day.